Wedding Blog

Pre-Ceremony Preparation

This is the year of the 2017 weddings! I will be taking you through the 12 stages of a wedding month by month from pre-ceremony prep to the Honeymoon send off. Each month will contain a bite sized blog to help you anticipate the 12 stages of your wedding!


Breakfast, I repeat, breakfast! It is a known fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and your wedding day is no exception.  Your wedding day will be filled with emotions – nerves, happiness, excitement and occasionally sadness so you need a good meal to start the day off right!

If you have a lot of Bridesmaids, I would recommend getting your make up and hair artists to bring assistants for speed. Always have your make up done last so you will look the freshest and you should invite your photographer in for some ‘finishing touches’ photos. Ensure your hotel room has plenty of natural daylight prior for the most flattering photos.

Your time management is essential on the day. Lack of time brings on nerves and unnecessary stress before you’ve even started the day! Make sure you and your Bridesmaids are ready at least 15-20 minutes before the ceremony/set off time. Have a glass of fizz before you leave to settle your nerves and remember….smile!


Be the first to arrive at the ceremony, at least 45 minutes to an hour before. Check for the buttonholes and Groomsmen (!) if they’ve been delivered to the venue. Organise your Groomsmen, have they got the rings? Speeches? Dressed correctly? It’s your day to enjoy so ensure your men know their roles for the day ahead. Remember to be visible to your guests when they arrive. Greet them all with open arms, this will make them feel loved and will settle your nerves too.