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Be the perfect DIY Bride

Table Plan – You can purchase large boards of MDF from B&Q which make the ideal backdrop for your table plan. If you are going for a chic rustic theme you don’t even need to paint it. Just add string, flowers and attach your table names with small pegs.

Centrepieces – A firm favourite flower I believe should always be incorporated into a wedding is Baby Breath. Many people use this flower without knowing the deeper meaning behind it. Baby Breath symbolises everlasting and undying love including platonic, family and romantic bonds. You can purchase different sized bird cages from stores like Hobby Craft and fill these with Baby Breath which make very effective centrepieces.

Name cards – A brilliant idea I have recently come across is to ask all your guests for a song of their choice to be played at your wedding. Merge all the songs into a CD and have them as name placers/ favours. All the songs will be played on the night and is good memorabilia from your Big Day.

Confetti – All you need to do is separate the petals from a bunch of roses, leave them in a warm place (airing cupboard will suffice) for 2-3 days until they are dried out. Make cones out of thick paper, secure with sticky tape and fill with the petals. Hand them out to your guests before your photos. Alternatively, you can buy old books or music sheets from a charity shop and use a heart punch to make tiny confetti. This also works well as table scatter.

Although the prospect may be daunting, the outcome is worth every evening spent.