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Colour Pop

Weddings have changed so much over the past few years and that’s a lot to do with the explosion of social media apps like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, alongside the growing popularity of weddings blogs - all of which illustrate beautifully just how wonderful weddings can be when couples put their own styling stamp on the day. Where once a couple might have felt inclined to follow tradition, these days, they are following their hearts, and if that means filling their day full of rainbow hues and colour pops, they do!

There are many creative and inventive ways of filling your wedding day with colour, but first, think about the tone and vibe you want to create on the day. Colour psychologists will suggest that different colours evoke different moods and emotions, for example, vibrant hues like red and orange project drama and excitement, blues suggest sophistication and serenity and yellows create a sense of cheer and energy. Consider your venue and setting and think about how your colours will work alongside the overall feel of the space.

A great way of hinting at the colour and style of your upcoming wedding (guests will find this useful, trust me!) is through your stationery. Lots of couples like to DIY their own wedding stationery which is great if you have time and enjoy weekend crafting, but my suggestion is to leave it to the professionals. Let them take the stress of creating beautiful quality stationery while you focus on the cake tasting instead!

Colour can be beautifully interwoven throughout your styling on the day in your choice of flowers and decor and the potential is endless. One of the most colourful and fun styling ideas we’ve shared on love [Love] My Dress is an Up! movie inspired rainbow collection of balloons. They make the best photo-opportunities!

A plain, blank canvass [canvas] ceremony venue can be livened up by adding colourful ribbon streamers to the backs of chairs. Create a large colourful focal and talking point through your choice of table plan, or in a big floral installation like an archway or flowers hanging from the ceiling – or hang colourful paper pom poms instead.

Colourful cocktails or glasses of pink champagne with edible floating flowers will add a delightful sense of style to your catering. Pinterest is a wonderful resource for exploring how to incorporate colour into food and drink. Ask your cake maker to create a multi-tiered cake with ombre layers so once cut open, a rainbow of colour is revealed.

Bridesmaids don’t have to stick to uniform colour – dress your maids in a different coloured gowns or, if you do want them to wear the same dresses, then consider mixing up their shoes. Talking of shoes, you needn’t wear a typically bridal pair of ivory shoes – what about sneaking a pair of colourful heels underneath your gown? Your shoes could be your something blue! (or red, or rainbow coloured!)

As a wedding blogger, I see many more brides now than ever before, being braver in their choice of gown – and this is where the bride can make a true and bold colour statement. We regularly feature brides in non-white dresses; red, blush pink, grey, gold, black, green and blue gowns have all graced our blog pages over the past year – but some brides prefer all-out, multicoloured fabulousness!

Capturing the colour of your day in photographs will help to create precious and wonderful memories. Always check if your venue allows it (some venue and church’s don’t), but think about sourcing some colourful confetti – be it real petal confetti, biodegradable glitter or colourful ticker tape style – having your photographer capture that ‘just married joy’ moment with you surrounded by your loved ones and amidst an explosion of confetti colour will make some of the most memorable photographs from your day.

Sound and light can often be overlooked for the more exciting aspects of wedding planning, like the dress and shoes – but good lighting will transform a dull space into something utterly delightful. And the lighting can be any colour you like or be set to change colours throughout the evening.

Whatever colour you adore, there are so many ways of incorporating your preferences into your day, but before you do anything, we highly recommend you get your venue secured!  For assistance finding the perfect location and space to fill with colour on your wedding day, use the venue search form.

Love and good luck colour lovers,